What are Project Controls?

Project controls are all-encompassing for project definition, planning, execution, and completion, supporting the entire lifecycle of your project.


Project controls can and will vary from project to project, but they will address, organising, planning, and control of all aspects of projects

and will include –


  • Developing your project strategy; definition, milestones, and project outcomes.
  • Estimating project costs from resources, inventory to actual project daily tasks.
  • Development, updates, and resource scheduling.
  • Managing risks; assessing and analysing project data to assist in predicting and avoiding future risks.
  • Controlling project documentation.
  • Diagnosing project scheduling and costs providing full visibility across departments.
  • Oversight and quality assessment of materials and resources.
  • Comprehensive granular level detail of project financials.


The Importance of Project Controls


Projects that run efficiently and effectively with project controls allow you to allocate the right resource at the right time with the right assets and equipment to keep your project moving on time and within budget.


Without project controls you can expect project chaos.  Suffering from a lack of visibility that can result in projects being too advanced before issues are identified, leading to delays, increased bad feeling between you and your customer, and ultimately project failure.




The Solution for Project Controls


ProScope for NetSuite a fully integrated advanced project management solution that allows you to plan, drive and measure project success at every stage.


Providing project planning, resource and asset management, billing, and forecasting whilst offering greater visibility and a deep understanding of your project financials.  Real-time information that allows informed business decisions facilitating a more effective and profitable project.


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