Project Manager Challenges

What Project Manager Challenges do you face?

Is your project team pulling in different directions?

Do they know what they are doing, where they are going, and how they are planning to get there? 


The more important, complex, and visible your project, the more critical it is to have all your project team working together and pulling in the same direction to achieve the same goal.


Working as a Project Manager it is likely you have dealt with one or more of the following project manager challenges during your project –


  • Unrealistic Estimates

    Forecasting the future is not easy and assumptions made can be wrong due to the abundance of variables within any project.

  • Internal Politics

    Projects quite often work across many departments within a business requiring cooperation and participation from all involved. Often lack of support from the necessary departments can result in a failed project. 


  • Poor Communications

    Productivity depends on various departments across the project working together and communicating clearly in a timely, appropriate fashion to ensure full visibility accurate visibility of the project. 


  • Resource Limitations

    The more complex the project, the greater the challenge to bring together a project team with the appropriate skills at the right time.


  • Change Management

    The scope of the project very rarely stays the same from beginning to end. Changes need to be captured with specifics including objectives, additional actions, timing and costings.


 To overcome these common challenges, ProScope for NetSuite provides the functionality to drive efficiency and success in every project.    Built to drive efficiency and growth through better collaboration and project visibility ProScope is a native to NetSuite application that seamlessly extends NetSuite’s project management capabilities.


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