Global Projects – Overcoming the Challenges

Global Project Challenges



Delivering successful global projects which cover different countries and their regulations can be a complicated process for all involved.  It follows with different stakeholders from resourcing, planning, finance, and project delivery to those managing compliance, health, and safety, and logistics.  Achieving success involves selecting the right ERP system to allow seamless collaboration, flexibility, and powerful functionality in project planning, resource management, forecasting, and billing.


Overcoming the Global Project Challenges


ProScope for NetSuite can overcome the challenges faced by global projects with its ability to –


Allow seamless integration across different departments around the globe

Simplify complex financials including intercompany billing and charging

Provide dynamic reporting from the board room to the engine room of the project management, users at every level and in every location can access a single point of truth

Increase efficiency by satisfying the varying compliance and tax requirements

Minimising downtime as resources can be aligned with specific project tasks

Optimise the billable utilisation across the different countries


Addressing Global Disjointed Systems


Labour intensive manual process that is inherent of disjointed legacy systems will become a challenge of the past.  With ProScope for NetSuite productivity is increased as automation provides quick and accurate data available company-wide to allow for smarter more timely decision making. Protecting margins, ensuring profitable projects, and the ability to build on success with future global project bids.


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