Empower your sales team on NetSuite with a flexible, fast and accurate quotation solution.


Customer Quotations

NetSuite users working across all types of industries including construction, renewables, and shipping are well-practiced in providing customer quotations.

Preparing accurate customer quotes is an integral part of the sales process. It’s also the part that can cause great problems for a business, particularly if you are quoting for complex projects. You need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently and most importantly, with the right information. Failure to do so can have a huge impact on your sales process and also have a detrimental effect on the way you are viewed by your customers.


Inefficient Practices

Despite their best efforts, many NetSuite users know that their current quoting process is hindered by inefficient practices. Achieving the degree of flexibility required to develop quotes that are accurate and displayed in exactly the right way for each and every individual customer can be difficult. To illustrate the point, consider how your sales team currently prepares customer quotations:


  • Do they choose to bypass NetSuite and instead download a quote into Word, completing the necessary parts before giving a final once over and sending on to the customer?
  • Are they always using the most up-to-date pricing information, or are they potentially relying on out-of-date figures?
  • Is the process to manually type up scopes of works, or copy from other quotes, potentially missing key information?
  • When they present the quotation is it exactly as the customer has specified? Or does doing so result in them having to request technical support each time in order to deviate from standard templates?
  • Are mistakes common and are they spending valuable time going back and forward with a customer until they get it right?


If some of the above sounds familiar you need to consider a faster and more accurate way to generate customer quotes.  Rather than being restrained by time-consuming, cumbersome processes, you need a solution that will allow tailored customer quotes to be developed easily, quickly, and accurately, using stock and product information derived from NetSuite.


ProScope Provides the Solution

ProScope’s Document Generation tool can make this possible. Designed exclusively for NetSuite users and 100% native to NetSuite, our PDF quote builder allows customer quotations to be built quickly and effortlessly using intuitive drag and drop functionality.


The solution gives sales teams the autonomy required to develop their own customer quotations, yet sales leaders can be confident that control is built-in at every level. Pricing parameters can be set so that all quotes are within agreed constraints.  What’s more, the quotation builder has been developed using templates with pre-determined scripts, for example scope of works. There’s no more downloading into Word and once again, sales teams are operating within an already agreed structure. In addition, a sales person can choose what elements are to be included in the quotation by way of a simple tick box that allows for optional scopes and exclusions. For speed and ease of quoting, multiple customers can also be included on a single quote, there’s no longer a need to create a separate quote for customers who are perhaps asking you to quote for the same job.


Efficient & Easy


Product images can be easily added within the quotation and headers and footers can be developed that feature your company logo, ensuring your branding is highly visible to your customers.


Once a quote layout is created it can be saved as a template for future use without the need to request any external technical input. On completion, the quotation can then be emailed directly to your customer and following this, a mini CRM tracker is produced which gives a detailed trail illustrating what was sent to who and when making it simple to keep track of opportunities.


In short, Pro-Scope’s Document Generator guarantees customer quotations that are accurate, individually tailored, and less likely to be disputed by the customer.  All this happens directly within NetSuite, resulting in a sales process that is both fast, flexible, and controlled, all while enhancing your investment in the solution. Building quotations faster and with greater accuracy means your sales team can ultimately spend less time developing quotations and more time engaging with your customers.


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