The Importance of Managing Your Project Data with NetSuite and ProScope

NetSuite and ProScope combined allow you to use data to plan, drive and measure project success at every stage.


In any company, data plays a key role by allowing management to optimise internal operations, improve relationships and drive growth.   


According to leading analytics platform Kissmetrics – businesses lose as much as 20% of profits due to poor data quality.   It follows with the winning combination of NetSuite and ProScope allows you to manage the quality of your project data to improve your company’s performance and profits.


All sizes of companies use data and analytics to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, seek out new opportunities and ultimately make projects successful.  Consequently, data is not only a reflection of business performance it is a driver for operations, growth, and improving project performance.



ProScope also opens the door for wider cross-platform data collaboration.  Users can easily import their data from Microsoft applications, feeding in project plans and spreadsheets, as well as mapping project resources to NetSuite.  It follows by pulling the data together ProScope provides a single version of the true data for greater visibility and greater insight into complex projects.



Built entirely on the NetSuite cloud platform it delivers the advanced functionality required to ensure that from the board room of financial leadership to the engine room of project management, users at every level and in every area of the project can access a single point of the project.



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