Creating Accurate Project Estimates

ProScope for NetSuite has been developed to simplify project estimating. Producing accurate project estimates is not only key to winning projects, but getting the costs right at the outset can have a real impact on the success of a project. A project estimate covers the entire lifespan of a project and takes in to account many different project roles, requirements and processes. Getting these right is critical.



ProScope has the functionality to break down project costing into a manageable process. Offering set lists of materials, assets and resources with pre-determined price structures, plus the ability to pull items in from similar projects and quotations to speed up the entire process. As an estimate is built, ProScope automatically creates the project in the background which means that if the project is won, it is already set up and ready to go. With automated workflows for sending purchase orders to vendors and creating intercompany requests for assets, as well as linked resource scheduling, ProScope streamlines the entire estimate to project process with full visibility at all times across all departments.



Modes of Estimating

ProScope supports two modes for project estimates, or job costing. The first is for what we call ‘fast moving contractors’. Those companies for whom workflows don’t generally exist. They receive inbound opportunities from people contacting them with a relatively urgent need for the service they provide. For instance, a security company. They receive an enquiry with a request for a quote and they need to respond quicky with a detailed estimate that covers all the options a potential customer might need. These projects are not complex, they are perhaps for 10-30 days of work.

The second is those companies who win work by going out to tender or completing in a bid process. The way they win work is a long process as there’s a considerable amount of time between an opportunity coming in and the actual project awarded. They must respond to ITTs, RFQs and pull together bid teams in order to bring all aspects of the project together to create a detailed full work package in order to deliver the work.



Job Costing

At the outset, an estimate is a basic shell. As it is built up and costed, ProScope is already working hard behind the scenes. ProScope creates a ‘shadow project’ which lies quietly in the background. As the project estimate is developed and added to, it remains in complete synch with the shadow project. If the estimate is accepted and project is awarded, there is already a project built and ready to go, saving huge amounts of time and gives to project manager confidence that all items related to the project are already in place.


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